This Big City Life – A Poem

I am leaving
the hustle and bustle of
this big city life
where everything is
happening too fast
where everyone is
rushing from A to B
there is no time to
spare in between
let alone stare
into the sky
instead of screen

I am leaving
the madness of
this big city life
to go on an adventure
to spend time in nature
where I would like to
lose myself
to find myself
where I want to
stop striving
for a life of more
start thriving
for a life of less

minji hur

Be – A Poem

when your loved one is
unwell, or struggling
whether physically
or emotionally
you want to do
anything and everything
to help them feel better

but sometimes we find
there’s nothing much
we can do
other than simply
with them
for being is
more intimate
more profound
than doing

perhaps what they need
more than ever
is for us to
there for them
with complete attention
with full presence
not to mention
kisses and cuddles

minji hur

The Heart – A Poem

a heart that’s soft enough
to ache, to feel the pain
is the heart that’s able
to feel the love

minji hur

Fear of Darkness – A Poem

have you ever felt
afraid of, or at least
daunted by
that is
nothing but
the pitch black
absence of light

what if
what you actually fear
is not darkness itself
but your feelings
painfully real
that surface
and you cannot help
but face
in darkness

what if
the only way
to conquer the fear
is to look them
directly in the eyes
of these feelings

what if
the only way
to break free
is to say, loud and clear
oh hey there
it’s you again
i see you
i feel you
i release you

minji hur

In the Here-and-Now Land – A Poem

in the here-and-now land
there’s no good or bad
there’s no right or wrong
there’s no past or future

everything exists
in perfect harmony
everyone is connected
in complete oneness

thoughts are just visitors
doubts are mere trespassers
they may constantly come and go
they may linger around for awhile
they may try and take control
but they simply cannot survive
in the here-and-now land

breathe in the sweet air of bliss
swim in the deep ocean of euphoria
dance to the endless music of being
paint with the infinite colours of love
or simply sit still in heavenly silence
welcome to the here-and-now land

minji hur

Freckles – A Poem


those speckles of your freckles
glow like sprinkles of glitter
dazzle like sand in the midday sun
shine like stars in the midnight sky

some make fun of your freckles
because they are secretly
envious of your beauty
which no one can
steal or conceal

so go ahead and reveal
those lovely speckles
of your freckles

let them glow
let them dazzle
let them shine

minji hur