It’s Time to Make Time – A Poem

everyone seems
so busy
all the time
making a living
making ends meet
but it seems
there is
never enough
time for
making a life
making things
instead of

the only way
to break free
from this
time-poor life
is by making time
not just money
for money cannot
buy time

it’s time to
make time
for a life
worth living
for a life
worth loving
falling in
love with
for the rest
of our lifetime

minji hur

I Write – A Poem

i write
not to help anyone
but myself
as a way
to catch
in the chaos
of thoughts

i write
not to please anyone
but myself
as a way
to scratch
my creative itch
for there’s no one
else who can

i write
not to befriend anyone
but myself
as a way
to patch
things up
with life

i write
not to express something
but everything
as a way
to match
with words

minji hur