These Five Words – A Poem

Today, my beloved two-year-old son said “I love you very much” (for the first time!) just before he left the house to go to his grandparents’ place.

It was a magical moment. Those five simple words that came out of his little mouth were so profound that they made my heart swell. I got all teary.

My partner reminded me that I said something like “what’s the point of doing all this hard work for him, when I don’t even know if he loves me back?” during one of many breakdowns I had in the first (and most difficult) few months of parenthood. Of course, I don’t remember saying that at all.

Well, now I know he loves me because he has told me so, even if the two-year-old cannot actually articulate what love is yet. As clichéd as it sounds, it was the moment that made almost two and a half years of hard (and unpaid) work of parenting all worthwhile.

Inspired by the moment and dedicated to my son, I wrote a poem:

“These Five Words”

these five words
make my heart sing
like birds
as loud as
the birds you chase
in the middle of parks

these five words
lift me up
like cranes
as high as
the cranes you watch
in construction sites

these five words
keep me going
like life
as alive as
the life you bring
to my world

minji hur (a.k.a. Mummy)

It’s Time to Make Time – A Poem

everyone seems
so busy
all the time
making a living
making ends meet
but it seems
there is
never enough
time for
making a life
making things
instead of

the only way
to break free
from this
time-poor life
is by making time
not just money
for money cannot
buy time

it’s time to
make time
for a life
worth living
for a life
worth loving
falling in
love with
for the rest
of our lifetime

minji hur

The Magic of Pen and Paper – A Poem

the magic of
pen and paper
or typewriter
or whatever tool
you use to write
and rewrite
your life
is that
it can turn
wounds into wisdom
it can translate
pain into peace
it can tie
trauma with triumphs

minji hur

I Write – A Poem

i write
not to help anyone
but myself
as a way
to catch
in the chaos
of thoughts

i write
not to please anyone
but myself
as a way
to scratch
my creative itch
for there’s no one
else who can

i write
not to befriend anyone
but myself
as a way
to patch
things up
with life

i write
not to express something
but everything
as a way
to match
with words

minji hur

This Big City Life – A Poem

I am leaving
the hustle and bustle of
this big city life
where everything is
happening too fast
where everyone is
rushing from A to B
there is no time to
spare in between
let alone stare
into the sky
instead of screen

I am leaving
the madness of
this big city life
to go on an adventure
to spend time in nature
where I would like to
lose myself
to find myself
where I want to
stop striving
for a life of more
start thriving
for a life of less

minji hur

Be – A Poem

when your loved one is
unwell, or struggling
whether physically
or emotionally
you want to do
anything and everything
to help them feel better

but sometimes we find
there’s nothing much
we can do
other than simply
with them
for being is
more intimate
more profound
than doing

perhaps what they need
more than ever
is for us to
there for them
with complete attention
with full presence
not to mention
kisses and cuddles

minji hur

The Heart – A Poem

a heart that’s soft enough
to ache, to feel the pain
is the heart that’s able
to feel the love

minji hur